yes, i teach classes! if you and your friends want to get together and have a great hands-on experience, please contact me. here is just a sample of the types of classes available:

canning (jams, preserves, marmalades, salsas)

pickling (vegetables)

techniques (pressure cooking, braising, cast iron)

pies & tarts


food and wine/beer pairings

plus much more,  just ask!   email me at: thecosmiccowgirl(at) gmail (dot) com

3 responses to “classes!

  1. Ted Krause

    Hi there. I was interested in finding out more about your techniques classes, most especially pressure cooking. I have a pressure cooker, but have never felt very confident using it.

    I am even more interested in learning how to pressure can foods. I have been doing hot bath canning for years, but would like to do a wider range of foods and recipes without putting my life and others at risk.

    Could you also give me the low-down on how you like to structure classes, when and where they are held and how much? I look forward to your reply.

  2. annie d

    i’m using one of my many email addresses…looking forward to conversing with you. love auntie a

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