smoked paprika roasted chickpeas and why my head is different

chick peas 3

this weekend i was invited to a showing of photographs by a group who was just finishing up a weeklong photography workshop led by my friend and food photography muse, penny. you could tell it had been a long week of work, inspiration, and creative juice extraction. i found myself so inspired and i attempted to imagine what it would be like for those who had attended the entire workshop. at the end of the show, a short video was shown documenting snippets of the week and something one of the group said in the video struck me. it went something like this; “my work isn’t different, but my head is different”.

to me, i thought it such a simple way to say: ‘i’m glad i showed up, i’m glad i participated, i’m grateful to be inspired by others, and i hope i’ve helped each of you to feel the same way’. what a sense of awakening this conjures up. almost like having someone pick up an object that you’ve been staring at for hours, and shifting it just 10 degrees. it’s still the same, but your take on it has completely changed.

when i thought about this week’s summerfest selection, beans and greens, i felt the need to branch out a bit and prepare (i use this term loosely due to the ease in preparation of these) a dish somewhat unexpected for this category, at least for me. i know there have been more than a few recipes for these on other blogs, but the concept is fairly new to me and that was the whole point. and boy are they good. and easy. and you probably already have the ingredients in your pantry as we speak.


smoked paprika roasted chick peas

i’m using smoked paprika for the spice, but you could dress these babies up however you like. the possibilities are endless: chile powder, cumin and cayenne for taco flavor, garam masala, or your favorite curry powder. you get the idea. this recipe could easily be doubled or tripled.

1-15 ounce can chick peas

1-2 tbsp olive oil

1-2 tsp smoked paprika (or other spices)

few pinches kosher salt to taste

preheat oven to 360F. drain, rinse, and blot dry chickpeas. place in a bowl and add the remaining ingredients and toss well. pour onto foil-lined baking sheet and roast for 40-50 minutes, shaking pan every 10-15 minutes. you want them to be crisp and dry on the outside with just a hint of tenderness on the inside. remember, there will be a bit of residual cooking, so remove them from the oven before they are completely crispy. allow to cool for about 10 minutes on baking sheet before placing in serving bowl. keeps in an airtight container for several days, but be sure to cool completely first. 

be sure to check out some of the other summerfest participants: mattbites, a way to garden, steamy kitchen, white on rice couple. you will find inspiration if you read their comments sections, as well.


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11 responses to “smoked paprika roasted chickpeas and why my head is different

  1. So cool and creative (your head is different!) I love Summer Fest because I get to see all kinds of fun ways to celebrate vegetables and fruits.

    Here is my Sesame Soy Glazed Green Beans recipe:

  2. Ya know I have four different kinds of paprika — from sweet smoky to kinda hot smoky. Can’t wait to try with chickpeas. Love ’em.

  3. This is a great snack, and the smoked paprika sounds perfect. I’ve tried something like this with Indian spices, but mine didn’t get crispy. Could have been too short of a baking time, so I’ll have to try again (with paprika)!

    • thecosmiccowgirl

      ya know, it was like goldilocks and the three bears. first time, they were too crispy, second time, not crispy enough, but the third time, they were juuussst right!

  4. This is a gorgeous photo and a great recipe. I hope to try it one day soon! And, healthy!

  5. I’ll take this over any other nuts! gorg photo

  6. I’m a little afraid to make these cause I’d probably pop’em like popcorn in front of the TV.

  7. Oh yes, I have been looking for this recipe for a while now!!! I ate it once…now I can make my own!!!Yeah!!!

  8. honeyandjam

    Stunning photo. This sounds delicious!

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