sangria! (or happy birthday, america!)


life has officially gotten in the way of my blog and i am thoroughly dissapointed by it. i swore it would never happen to ME. first, we had a new addition to the family (our niece was born on june 2nd) so an unexpected trip happened, then i got sick (VERY sick for 3-4 days plus the rest of the week to recover), and finally we had to plan and hold the 5th annual ribapalooza, which is a huge rib-cooking contest we hold at our house every 4th of july. so needeless to say, posting has had to take a back seat. it happens to the best of us, i guess.

i meant to post this recipe yesterday, in case any of you wanted to celebrate america’s birthday by making and consuming sangria, but it just didn’t happen. and really, this is something that you will be making all summer long, anyhow. so i figure, no harm, no foul, right? honestly, making sangria is more art than science. and, fortunately for you,  there is a lot of tasting going on when making this. and it is absolutely NEVER the same same twice. it’s kind of exciting how fleeting it is.


this time around i used vinho verde, which is a young, very light (in flavor and alcohol content), slightly effervescent wine from portugal. it is available in white or rose. it is often VERY inexpensive and i think it’s nice because of the low alcohol content, especially when drinking outside during the heat of the day. i attribute the fact that i am not the least bit hung over today after consuming 2 or 3  4 or 5 glasses of this over the course of several hours to this fact.


sangria (for a crowd)

6 bottles light and fruity wine

1-2 quarts citrus fruit juice, nectar and/or soda (such as ginger ale, grapefruit soda, lemon-lime soda)*

4-6 cups fresh fruit, sliced or chopped

put your prepared fruit in a vessel large enough to accommodate all of your liquid. add wine and refrigerate several hours or overnight. (i reserved a few of the bottles and added them just before serving to preserve some of the effervescence). just before serving, add the rest of your wine and your fruit juices and/or soda. i place the vat of sangria with cups and plenty of ice on the side for people to serve themselves. it is dangerously good.

*taste as you go for your preferred level of sweetness. you could even make a simple syrup (1 part water to 1 part sugar-simmer for a few minutes to dissolve sugar and chill). also, dark sodas (coke or dr. pepper) would really not work here.


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6 responses to “sangria! (or happy birthday, america!)

  1. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well, and glad to see you’re back with a new post. I’ve never made a white wine sangria before, but this sounds great for summer. All that fruit must be as delicious as the beverage!

  2. Well, howdy back ‘atcha! The cowgirl love is mutual — your blog is a beaut (!), and I’m sittin’ here, drinkin’ coffee, with my mouth watering over the strawberry shortcake cookies and little hand pies. Are you in Austin? I was just there — miss the heat and sun already!

    • thecosmiccowgirl

      ellise-yes we are in austin, best city in the u.s.! (i know, them’s is fightin’ words…) i saw that you were just here on you blog w/ the derailers post. it’s funny, i used to go two-stepping to them. it was back when tony was in the band-an old friend from the 90’s. what prompted your move to paris?

  3. Are those kumquats?! Never thought of putting those in sangria. I’ll have to try that out…


    • thecosmiccowgirl

      teddy–they ARE kumquats. i try to find an interesting fruit to throw in the mix if i have some forethought. usually, it’s whatever is on hand…that’s the beauty of sangria!

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