lemony egg salad with dill


just returned from our whirlwind tour of california. lots of wine, local brews and fabulous food to earn ourselves 12 hours of sleep last night! but for now, let’s talk eggs. now that the easter season is coming to a close, you might be wondering, ‘what am i going to do with all these #*%$*# eggs??’.  and you also may be one of those that despise egg salad. like a certain, ahem, someone i live with (more for me!!). many folks are turned off by the mayonnaise aspect of it, i suppose. i use very little, substituting plain yogurt for the majority of it. you could leave out the mayo completely, if you wish, but it will be very tangy. i really have always loved egg salad, but over the years i have developed the one i love the most. i believe it to be the perfect springtime lunch.  it is inspired by one of my favorite soups, avgolemono (it is of greek origin–breaking down the word it means egg+lemon). i add a touch of freshness with the dill. we have to use up dill this time of year in texas or it will bolt. right now the weather is perfect, in a few weeks it will be hotter ‘n hades.



lemony egg salad with dill

perfect hard boiled eggs, peeled and coarsely chopped

3 tbsp plain low-fat yogurt

2 tbsp real mayonnaise

2 tsp grainy dijon mustard

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

2 tbsp chopped fresh dill (don’t bother with the dried stuff, use another fresh herb)

2 scallions, chopped fine (if you cut them on the bias, they look so pretty and delicate!)

salt and pepper to taste

a few handfuls of baby spinach or butter lettuce

8 slices whole grain or light wheat bread, toasted if you prefer


prepare and chop your eggs and set them aside in a large bowl. mix together dressing ingredients-yogurt through scallions. add to eggs and mix gently–you don’t want to pulverize your eggs and make them unrecognizable. add salt and pepper and taste the darn thing. i love a good lemony flavor, so i ended up adding a bit more juice and a few grates of fresh lemon zest. if you make this 4-24 hours before you serve it, you will be rewarded with the marriage of flavors. be sure to allow it to sit at least 10-20 minutes out of the fridge before serving, otherwise it will be too chilly to have any flavor at all! spread on your favorite bread or toast and add spinach or lettuce. also would be good with a few very thinly sliced cucumber slices.

makes 4 sandwiches.


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7 responses to “lemony egg salad with dill

  1. annie bannie

    this looks good…love auntie annie

  2. mmmm….it’s great you’re using dill! It’s one herb that I don’t use enough of. Thanks for playing along!

  3. Three things I love: egg salad (I’d like a side of gherkins and potato chips, too, please); dill, and WordPress. Looking good on all fronts. Thanks.

  4. Dill? Wow, that’s sounds amazing! I’ll have to try that next time!
    thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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