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howdy–and welcome to my blog!  the cosmic cowgirl is a name that’s been floating around my head and has been used for naming various objects in my life–mostly food related. there’s the yet to exist catering business, the purchased and held website, and a cookie (sort of a feminine version of a cowboy cookie, if you are at all familiar with those fantastically loaded beauties) all bearing the name in some form or another. why cosmic? i was born and raised in cal-i-for-ni-yea! and yes, in a ‘pass the granola’ type of way. the beach we went to as kids was home to the invention of the smoothie, for cryin’ out loud. and why cowgirl? there is a saying in texas, where i have resided since the late 80’s, that goes something like “i wasn’t born in texas, but i got here as fast as i could!”–that’s me. i have been assured by texas natives that i have now earned the right to be called a texan due to my lengthy stay, but i’ll still remain saddled-up in case they change their minds.

i can’t think of  a better way to end the year than with a new beginning. my last writing stint was in college and i believe it was an essay about the lack of potable water in honduras. this was almost 10 years ago when i was in nursing school, so forgive me if i’m a little rusty. this goes especially for my good friends and family that actually know how to write! the purpose of this blog is to share food ideas and to keep me, and other cookbook readers like me, inspired about all things food.

i love this time of year–i always seem to have a little extra time to spend with the dogs and have my afternoon coffee and a litttle something sweet. i love pulling a steaming americano out of my illy espresso machine and dunking some italian morsel into it. i used to be anti-dunking until i had my first biscotti–then i got it. the stuff at the bottom of the cup still kind of gives me the willies tho’.

have a wonderful holiday and come back and see me in the new year, y’all!



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